Oat actors in Finland
Information on oats:

Oat traders

A-Rehu www.a-rehu.fi
Avena Nordic Grain Oy www.avena.fi
Hankkija-Maatalous Oy www.agrimarket.fi
Polar Oats Oy www.polaroats.fi
Rautakesko www.k-maatalous.fi
Intergreen Oy www.intergreen.fi

Finnish producers for oat products

A-Rehu    www.a-rehu.fi
Bioferme Oy www.bioferme.fi
Fazer Group www.fazer.com
Helsinki Mills Ltd www.helsinginmylly.fi
Moilas Oy
Myllyn Paras Oy www.myllynparas.fi
Polarglucan Oy www.polarglucan.com
Senson Oy www.senson.fi
Raisio Group www.raisio.com
Vaasan Group www.vaasan.com
Suomen Rehu Oy www.suomenrehu.com

Research and breeding of oats
Boreal Plant Breeding Ltd. www.boreal.fi
MTT Agrifood Research Finland www.mtt.fi
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland www.vtt.fi
University of Helsinki  www.helsinki.fi/viikki-food-science
Oats and Health www.oatsandhealth.org
ETP Food For Life Finland www.foodforlife.fi

Organisations related to oats

Finnish Cereal Committee VYR is a joint organisation of the Finnish cereal and oilseed chains. The aim is to develop the operations and profitability of the Finnish cereal and oilseed sectors through interaction and collaboration between the different stakeholders. Read more about VYR - Finnish Cereal Committee here

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