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The Finnish Oat Association enhances the cooperation in the oat sector and communicates about the beneficial characteristics of oats. The organisation members represent producers, traders and processors of oats. Non commercial members include specialists on agribusiness, research and other oat friends.


Finland has a lot of expertise in breeding, producing and using oats. The health benefits of oats for human beings are remarkable. 

Oats is appreciated as feed due to it's high nutrient and energy value. Read more about oat as feed.

The Finnish Cereal Committee has produced a guide how to use oats as feed for domestic animals. The guide is available in English, French, Italian and Spanish.

Finnish oat is exported to several countries as well as grain and processed products. You can get more information from the brochure Oatland Finland.
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The association runs a consumer campaign in Finland now for three years. The campaign website 'Fascinating oats' is currently provided only in Finnish., but you can see poster presentation about the campaign here.


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The Finnish Oat Association is a part of the Nordic Oat Association. 

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